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Monopoly Streets – w/ Gassy, Pbat, Chilled, and Galm Part 1 (Live Commentary/ Multiplayer)

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this is from ChilledChaos' up to date Livestream. We made up our minds to test our trade/ actual-assets talent and performed Monopoly Streets. Oh, and i stole chilled's canine persona. MWUAHAHAHA. experience! ;D -links- Chilled - www.youtube.com Pbat - www.youtube.com Galm - www.youtube.com

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L4D2 – Weekly Mutations ‘Multiplayer Vs.’ w/ Gassy, Kootra, and Eades Part 4 (Live Commentary)

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Me, Kootra, and Eades decided to start out taking part in the weekly mutations that LfourD2 now has. preferably we will be able to keep a gradual flow of the opposite mutations playlists coming on your viewing pleasure. revel in! ;D this can be a part four, watch segment 3 proper right here - www.youtube.com Eades' Channel - www.youtube.com Kootra's Channel - www.youtube.com
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Monday Night Combat PC – Live Commentary Session [3/3]

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Video ranking: four / five

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energy StarCrafeet 2 method presents: [T] Tank include feet. SC2 Ownage Shack 10 supply Depot 12 Barracks at ramp 13 Refinery Marine, SCV 16 Orbital Command Tech Lab on Barracks 17 supply Depot 19 Reaper and Refinery 20 manufacturing facility, Bunker at ramp consistent Marine manufacturing 23 supply Depot 2five Starport (2x Barracks if Void Rays scouted) 27 Tech Lab manufacturing facility 28 Tech Lab manufacturing facility (lift factory and relocate) modify the following depending at the unit composition of your opponent Banshee supply Depot Bunker if Push Scouted Tank Siege Mode Raven Marine and Tank manufacturing 2x Barracks Stim %. make larger Barracks add-Ons battle defend Caster is David from the SC2 Ownage Shack, for those who enjoy his taste ensure to take a look at his channel! Commentators YouTube Channel: www.youtube.com energy method Gaming internet website online: www.energymethodGaming.com For Diablo 3 coverage join our different channel www.youtube.com to stay up-to-the-minute at the recent StarCrafeet means and dialogue make sure you join our YouTube channel. www.youtube.com energy method Gaming Your choicest space for methods and tutorials to the video games you're keen on! Intro via: Frozendefend ( www.youtube.com ) Outro via: wwwbobiserbia
Video ranking: four / five

Monday Night Combat PC – Live Commentary Session 2 [1/-]

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big little kitty

Monday Night Combat PC – Live Commentary Session 2 [5/5]

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Video score: four / five

Battlefield 3: E3 2011 Live Footage

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hello men, i simply watched the reside E3 move on Gamerspawn.com, EA got here by and said hello with a new Battlefield 3 actual gameplay footage. moreover, they released 2 new trailers on their YouTube channel so be sure you check that out to. this is a Multiplayer trailer, and 1 other displays the options of Frostbite 2. It was once as soon as are living, so the standard will not be so good ( or even garbage ) at certain issues. still, i am hoping you experience it up to i did :D i didn't make this! I most effective took footage from the are living E3 move at Gamerspawn.com ! PLEASE proportion THIS WITH your pals OR WHOEVER, make certain everybody CAN check out THIS! :D Their Twitter: twitter.com Their fb: www.facebook.com And ofcourse their YouTube channel: www.youtube.com Battlefield 3 Gameplay footage E3 2011 Tank struggle GamerSpawn calls it "Battlefield 3 - E3 2011: Thunder Run Tank Gameplay" Battlefield calls it "Battlefield 3: Thunder Run Tank Gameplay Trailer (E3)" determine: Battlefield 3 free up date: October 2five, 2011 Platform(s): computer, playstation 3 and Xbox 360 publisher(s): digital Arts Developer(s): cube
Video score: 4 / five

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E3 2011 Machinima Coverage – World of Tanks Live Interview w/ Wargaming.net

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www.machinimaethree.com click on right here for added Machinima Ethree duvetage! Ethree 2011 Machinima coverage - global of Tanks reside Interview w Wargaming.web Hundar interviews Wargaming.web approximately global of Tanks! on this video you'll see... how you'll get a in the back of the scenes look how you'll disduvet new games how you'll duvet Ethree how you'll play global of Tanks - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - apply Machinima on Twitter! Machinima twitter.com within Gaming twitter.com Machinima Respawn twitter.com Machinima entertainment, generation, custom twitter.com FOR more MACHINIMA, go TO: www.youtube.com FOR more GAMEPLAY, go TO: www.youtube.com FOR more sports activities actions GAMEPLAY, go TO: www.youtube.com FOR more mmog cff0478 RPG GAMEPLAY, go TO: www.youtube.com FOR more TRAILERS, go TO: www.youtube.com TAGS: "within Gaming" "within Gaming extended" Ethree "digital entertainment Expo" "in the back of the scenes" "developer interview" "Pre-Ethree" interview "game developer interview" Machinima reside Respawn movement residestream Realm "global of Tanks" global Tanks Hundar mmog Explosions large tank challenge WoT "historic accuracy" fun "online game" "laptop game" on-line "loose to play" parts feul "armor piercing" "armour piercing" teams random map machine chat technique Free2Play battles revel in XP ranking "one of the simplest ways to"

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Layne learns concerning the tank-primarily based mmog, global of Tanks. check out extra Ethree duvetage in Nerding Out, Day 1 www.youtube.com And Nerding Out, Day 2 www.youtube.com And Nerding Out Day three, Coming soon! Head to www.TheGameStation.television for added Ethree information! check out global of Tanks: www.globaloftanks.com for additional Layne motion: www.youtube.com Are you JAMMIN on TGS? www.thegamestation.television Twittah www.twitter.com Feisbu: www.facebook.com

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Tank Battles Indie game on Xbox Live, trailer by Gameloft

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NOW to be had: bit.ly Take control of your WW2 tank and downside friends and online warring parties in loopy, over-the-absolute best tank battles! experience antique run-and-gun gameplay in over 50 ranges of bullet bouncing motion. Adapt your option to each and every region as you collect energy-america whilst dodging enemy fireplace. Tank Battles offers without equal multiplayer revel in: Addictive antique gameplay enriched with tons of options. legit web web page: www.gameloft.com loved one us on fb www.fb.com practice us on Twitter: twitter.com seek advice from our weblog: weblog.gameloft.com
Video rating: four / 5

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